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We are pleased to announce the launch of our new offering called the Florist Tray. The Florist Tray will consist of 98 small plants that are specially chosen for cut flowers that grow well in our area (Utah). Each plant will be the correct size and stage to be planted outside the day you receive them. You will receive the tray of plants around May 15th when it is safe to plant them into your own garden space. The plants will require approximately 80-100 square feet of growing space. Included with the tray will be a growing guide to help you take care of your plants throughout the year. You are also welcome to contact us with any questions that you may have during the growing season. Our greenhouse space is limited so we will only be offering 10 trays this year. Hopefully we can grow and evolve this idea in the years to come.

  • Is the Florist Tray right for me? The ideal customer for the Florist Tray is someone looking to add variety to their designs with locally grown flowers. This tray will not produce enough flowers for an entire wedding, instead it is meant to supplement your designs without having to buy so many bunches from the wholesaler.

  • How many stems can I expect? Each variety of flowers included in the tray is different, but on average you can expect one “bunch” of flowers per plant throughout the growing season. You can only expect these results if the plants are well taken care of. This includes watering every day or every other day and a good fertilizer program all of which is discussed in detail in the growing guide that is included.

  • Will this discourage me from buying flowers from you during the growing season? We have been lucky enough to experience life on both sides of the fence which has given us a unique perspective. We have been the flower grower and we have been the floral designer for weddings. As the grower we used to think if we grow fresh, high quality blooms locally florists will surely come and buy them. But it turned out not to be that easy. When we started doing wedding floral design we found out why. Florists need assurances, they need a certain number of stems in the right color on an exact date. All of these things are very difficult for a small flower farmer to provide. We never know how many stems we will have on a given date. Large farms can make these guarantees because they grow huge quantities of plants that are in succession to one another. Meaning they have a continual supply of flowers week after week. Small farms cannot compete except in the case of dahlias which bloom continuously over the course of many weeks. Another reason why it is difficult to support small flower farms is because of the all important convenience factor. It is very convenient to call your floral wholesaler and order exactly what you need. It is not so convenient to try to get a hold of a flower farm and ask them what they will have blooming on a specific date. They/we probably wont know. This makes it hard to do business with flower farms and we totally get it. We have been in your shoes, there are not enough hours in the day to make local flower shopping worth it in most cases. We realized that the business model of a small flower farm does not always fulfill the market niche that they were meant to. This is not the fault of the flower farmer or the florist, it is just an unfortunate reality. This tray is somewhat of a compromise between the world of flower farming and the world of event floral design. The florist can grow the flowers in their own backyard and use the flowers that happen to be blooming in the right color on the day of the wedding. Locally grown product can be used with no added stress of scheduling bloom times and pick up times with a flower farm.

  • Is it worth the effort to grow your own flowers? We ask ourselves this question every summer when we are weeding, watering and caring for our plants, wondering if its all worth it. We get our answer promptly after the first hard frost and every wedding after until our field is in bloom again during the summer. YES! When designing a wedding during the growing season we start the process by walking through our field and picking anything that is in the correct color scheme and has the right feel for the wedding we are working on. We take the flowers inside to join the roses and foliages that we acquired from our wholesaler. We start designing and soon we find that we are running short on a color or our bridal bouquet needs one more texture to really finish it off. We grab our clippers and walk outside to find that perfect stem waiting in the field. Snip and done, disaster averted. Now fast forward to the middle of winter when we run into the same problem. The bouquet just needs something, it doesn’t look finished… what are we going to do? Should we drive to the wholesaler? Is it “good enough?” Having a garden full of cut flowers is the ultimate insurance plan. Every bouquet, every centerpiece, every design comes out better for us during the growing season because we have our flower field. We believe that if you try it for yourself you will wonder how you ever got by without it.

  • How will I get the tray? We will arrange to meet with you around May 15th. We are planning to meet at a central location in the Orem/ Provo/ Pleasant Grove area and the Salt Lake Valley.

  • What varieties will be included? The list below are varieties that we plan to include in the Florist Tray this year. Please remember this list can and probably will change because we are working with mother nature. Every year seeds don’t sprout, baby plants die from dampening off and a million other things happen that change the plans. However, we do guarantee that you will receive 98 plants to grow in your garden on May 15th. All plants listed below will be in colors that are popular for wedding design such as white, cream, blush, champagne, burgundy, etc.

Lisianthus (white, blush and champagne)











Chocolate Cosmos

Traditional Cosmos

Heirloom Carnations


Ornamental Basil

Chocolate Queen Anne’s Lace


Dusty Miller


and many more…